The Miller Group Streamlines Acquisition Project For Manufacturing Firm

The Miller Group Streamlines Acquisition Project For Manufacturing Firm

In the emerging mid-market space, mergers and acquisitions that involve our clients have become an expected and engaging part of the mission at The Miller Group. A key example is when we helped a client migrate oversight and management of a complex IT environment at a new company they had acquired.

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Miller Group Streamlines Acquisition Project For Manufacturing Firm

Mergers & Acquisitions Require Careful Planning And Thoughtful Execution

Anyone who’s been through a merger or acquisition knows how complicated and error-prone the process can be.

Data continuity and integrity can be difficult to maintain as two organizations become one. Without the right planning, technology standards can quickly fall.

However, our knowledge and strategy can help clients address many of the most prevalent issues in a merger or acquisition. Our support helps to streamline each stage of the process, ensuring minimal errors.

M&A initiatives allow The Miller Group team to use our extensive project management and engineering skills. We evaluate the client’s needs, carefully strategize the process, and carry it out within the proposed time frame.

This type of work goes beyond a standard IT company’s role, exemplifying how we partner with our clients to help them seamlessly grow their businesses.

That’s precisely what we did with one of our clients…

This Client Needed The Miller Group To Take Over This New Company’s IT Management

This manufacturing firm asked The Miller Group to assist in an upcoming acquisition by transitioning IT management from the acquired company’s IT company to ours.

The newly acquired company relied on a complicated network that ties back to its corporate network for many resources, so transitioning from its management to The Miller Group was a large undertaking. The company had 65+ users and 22 servers.

Initially, we held several meetings and executed extensive onsite and remote discovery processes. Once we had gathered the necessary information, we prepared a detailed proposal and plan for our manufacturing client to approve.

The Miller Group Expertly Executed The Project In 3 Days

Given the extent of the IT infrastructure involved and the highly limited timeframe, this project required extensive planning, pre-site setup, network engineering, coordination with existing organizational, technical staff, hardware procurement, and engineering labor for testing and cutover.

The Miller Group worked with the newly acquired company to securely migrate their email to a tenant with the manufacturing firm. With limited access to the mailboxes through the new company, we utilized a cloud transfer service to migrate all of their email accounts.

After all of the outdated computer, assets had been removed from their domain, we added them to a new domain we prepared and integrated with our agent for our own management.

The domain included new user and computer accounts for security and permissions, new security policies, and federated authentication for VPN, all of which we modeled to affect a more seamless operational transition.

Network infrastructure management and security were also modeled similarly, with newer hardware to replace the aging wireless access points and firewall. We accomplished these goals in four basic phases that were carried out seamlessly over the course of just three days.

The Miller Group Seamlessly Completed This Manufacturing Firm’s Acquisition Project

Thankfully, the move went very smoothly, and the customer was thrilled with the results. That’s why they ranked our service on the project 5/5 stars.

“The Miller Group kept the project very organized,” says Jenna, a staff member at the manufacturing firm. “We were impressed with the entire project team. Our project was well planned and organized. We met all deadlines for the project, thanks to the extra effort by the project team. Very well done!”