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How Can IT Services Partner Help Construction Businesses in St. Louis Avoid Costly Employee Downtime?

The Miller Group is a leading IT Support & Services provider for construction companies in St. Louis. We understand how costly employee downtime can be for your profitability. Therefore, we offer reliable IT services and responsive support in one complete flat-rate monthly charge.

As a construction company, you know that deadlines are important. To stay on schedule it's important to avoid as much downtime as possible. Things like slow communication with an IT company, old hardware, and unreliable backup devices can lead to long downtimes. It's best to have an IT company that can focus on your computer devices and the best procedures checklist so that you can do what you do best: construction.

Downtime doesn't just mean that deadlines need to be extended, it also means you are paying for employees to wait around. If your employee needs help with their computer but it takes a technician hours to get to it, then you are paying your employee to sit around until the problem is fixed. These unexpected costs can be avoided with a Managed Service Provider.

Best IT Practices for Construction in St. Louis

In a recent analysis by the 2014 Gartner's Analysis, downtime can cost companies $5,600 per minute and up to $300,000 per hour in web application downtime. These costly incidents seem to be on the rise, but there are some precautions you can take to safeguard your data:

  • Work with an outsourced IT company that has experience working with construction companies.
  • Upgrade hardware with quality products that are strong and last long. Even if it is more expensive.
  • Update software and hardware when available and have regular backups.
  • Establish a system technology security maintenance and protocol.
  • Procedures for backup and disaster recovery.
  • A true business continuity solution will protect data on-premises and in the cloud.

The Miller Group creates customizable plans for each business. Whether you want to focus on updating hardware, cyber security or both, The Miller Group will make you a package that helps your business and is cost-effective.

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“I don’t think we’ve had any downtime at all since The Miller Group came in. Aside from a super brief wifi issue because of our internet provider, we’ve been up and running very consistently. The Miller Group really is a great fit for businesses like ours.”

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