Cybersecurity Training


Welcome to Cybersecurity Training

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Help Protect Our Team from Cybercriminals

  • 15% annual increase in cybercrime

  • $4.24 million average cost of a cybersecurity breach

  • Human error is a major contributing cause of cyberattacks


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Building Strong Links

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What to expect from cybersecurity training


Introduction to

Provide you with
tools and best
practices to
outsmart the

bad guys

Learn the
behaviors that
will keep you



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Take your knowledge home

  • Share what you learn with your family and friends

  • Help keep the people you care about safe from cyber attacks targeting individuals


How Cybersecurity Training works

Step 1: Training Modules

  • Two reminders per month until course completion

  • Each reminder has a link to the course

  • Complete the course (5-10 minutes)

  • Take quiz

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Step 2: Simulated Phishing Emails

  • You will receive simulated phishing emails at random intervals

  • Apply your knowledge to identify these emails

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If you click on one of the simulated phishing emails, you will land on a page that explains what happened, and remind you of the best practices to avoid clicking on phishing emails in the future.

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When it comes to cybersecurity,

Your Success is Our Success

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