Help Out A Friend — Refer Them To Us!

Help Out A Friend — Refer Them To Us!

The Miller Group team believes in long-term partnerships and taking the time to understand our clients' businesses in order to better meet their needs. We’re always looking for great clients to work with and we’d love to meet other businesses in the area.

We hope our support has helped you to stand out from your competitors. If you've ever had a friend or fellow business professional ask you what it is that makes your business so successful, now is the perfect time to share that information with them.

Refer them to us!


Why Should You Refer A New Client To The Miller Group?

Not only will this business get access to the same high quality IT support you’ve come to enjoy — you’ll get something out of it too:

  • We’ll give you $50 if we have a meeting with the referred company
  • We’ll give you $200 if the referred company becomes an Managed Services Client, and we’ll donate $100 to a local charity as well

How To Refer A New Client To The Miller Group

Call our office or email us at Please note that the referral must include the following info:

  • Referred company name
  • Referred contact information
  • Any insight about the referred company is welcomed (optional)

Referred companies must be located in the Missouri/Greater St. Louis area and have 15 or more computers to qualify. Please make sure they know you are referring them!


Help Us Help Your Business Contacts

Do you know of a business that is in need of the quality of managed IT services we offer? Send us their information today, and let them know they will be hearing from us. We'll reach out to them with your name and see what we can do to help their business.