Co-Managed IT Services

We Can Accomplish Your Goals - Together

More Resources, Additional Expertise, Extra Set Of Hands, Your Partner

What Is Possible With Co-Managed IT Services in St. Louis?

  • More time to focus on your proactive IT strategy
  • Offload your end-user help desk support
  • Admin access to shared documentation, management, and monitoring tools
  • Additional hands and expertise for your IT projects
  • Enhanced decision making insight through reports and trend monitoring
  • Access to additional IT experts to assist in strategy and planning

The To-Do List For St. Louis Managed IT Support Is Never Ending...

As a CIO or IT Manager, you are responsible for the entire IT environment. It includes the physical infrastructure, the devices, the network, your vendors, and your applications. Most importantly, you support your users to make sure they can stay productive. On top of this, how do you find time to plan out new initiatives around security, compliance, and data protection? Could your St. Louis business benefit from Co-Managed IT Services?

By allowing us to support your organization, we can provide you access to our management tools, take over supporting your end-users, and/or become a second set of hands to help where you need us to. You can now have the time to focus on the IT strategy for the company instead of constantly fighting fires. Together we can create a cohesive, co-managed IT department.

What's The Process for Co-Managed IT?


Onboarding Discovery

We will go through a 30-day onboarding phase where we will gather and document your entire network.


Design Your Plan

Once we know where you are, we can work together to build a priority list with associated steps to accomplish your co-managed IT goals.



Based on your needs, we will implement the designed plan with consistent touchpoints to ensure both parties share similar expectations.


Ongoing IT Support

We have your back whenever you need us. If you need help with a co-managed IT project, to offload your end-user support and computer maintenance, or just step in for a few months to get through the busy season; we are here to serve you.

Client Success Stories

The Miller Group Enhanced This Firm’s Password Security

The Miller Group Enhanced This Firm’s Password Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a great way to overcome the users’ resistance to maintaining strong passwords while ensuring adequate cybersecurity standards.

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Miller Group Streamlines Acquisition Project For Manufacturing Firm

Miller Group Streamlines Acquisition Project For Manufacturing Firm

In the emerging mid-market space, mergers and acquisitions that involve our clients have become an expected and engaging part of the mission at The Miller Group.

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Interior Design Firm Server Project

5 Star Ranking Interior Design Firm Server Project

As the backbone of your IT environment, servers are undeniably important. The average server only lasts 3-5 years, but most businesses use them for longer.

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