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How Can IT Services Partner Help Manufacturing Businesses in St. Louis Avoid a Costly Production Halt and Downtime?

The Miller Group is a leading IT Support & Services provider for manufacturing companies in St. Louis. We understand how costly a production halt or downtime can be for your profitability. Therefore, we offer reliable IT services and responsive support in one complete flat-rate monthly charge.

As a manufacturer, you’re producing real, tangible products each and every day. Your company’s ability to produce high volumes at low costs can determine where you fall among your competitors.

In the age of technology, your equipment relies heavily on the computers configuring their behavior. What would happen if those systems become compromised? How long could you afford to halt production?

In the Manufacturing industry, downtime comes with costs from all directions. If production stops, you’ll likely be paying a lot of employees who are standing around, waiting for a solution. The inability to fill quotas can impact sales. This can also damage your reputation as customers are unable to place orders. Like any other business, manufacturers are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, power outages, data loss, and any other calamity that could take systems offline and/or wipe out valuable data. Additionally, there’s the risk of human error that comes into play, which is when your own employees make mistakes or take malicious actions. For manufacturers specifically, the loss of intellectual property data can greatly hamper a business

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In a survey, manufacturers reported: “Internal Operational Information” and “Intellectual Property” as data they would most fear losing. Among the causes of recent data loss, malware was the most common. Following malware, software vulnerabilities, network intrusion, and targeted attacks were all mentioned. Here are some tips to help your business avoid costly downtime:

  • Outsource your company’s IT needs to an expert who has experience in the manufacturing industry.
  • Implement security policies and educate your employees
  • Perform timely hardware and software updates, maintenance and backups.
  • Establish, review and maintain system security of all company technology.

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“Looking back, I realize it boiled down to not wanting to invest in an IT company due to a lack of trust. We knew we were on thin ice with our aging systems and needed to find a solution soon… After reviewing several other companies; and having the opportunity of meeting Joe myself, we knew The Miller Group was the best fit for us."

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