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Due to some scheduling conflicts, our VOIP webinar scheduled for October 7th has been postponed. We will be sending out updated information in the near future. Please check out recording of our past events below.

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Do I really need to backup Office 365?

Yes! Watch Joe Svoboda and Jason Pryce explain why Office 365 Backup is essential for every business using Office 365.

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Deep Dive into Microsoft Teams

In this webinar we cover creating Teams and Channels, Communicating using Microsoft Teams and with how to sync files with your computer.

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Technology And Working From Home

2020 brought some unexpected surprises. Many businesses are having to figure out how to work remotely while also staying in contact. Joe and Chad list what technology is needed for remote workers to keep them online and secure. They also give advice on how to manage a remote workforce.

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Introduction to Microsoft Forms

In this webinar, we introduce you to Microsoft Forms. We cover creating a form, branching, themes, and some real-life use cases.

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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Have you ever wondered what Microsoft Teams is all about? You're in luck! Chad and Joe give a live demonstration of Microsoft Teams and how businesses can use it to communicate with their team. They show you the ins and outs of Teams and answer viewer questions.

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The Miller Group News

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2 Ways To Simplify Your Meeting Scheduling

Meetings can be a big time sink for staff members that are otherwise trying to get their work done. While in our other blog this…

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