Malware Alert: Beware of Copy-Paste Attacks!

By Joe Svoboda | July 11, 2024

A new warning for Google Chrome users has emerged, carrying a critical yet straightforward piece of advice: avoid copying and pasting unfamiliar text into your terminal or run dialog box. This advice comes from cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, which has identified a new technique cybercriminals are using to spread malware. The Nature of the Threat Proofpoint…

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Boost Your Smartphone Security: Why the FBI Advises Regular Reboots Matter

By Joe Svoboda | July 4, 2024

Have you ever considered why your smartphone might benefit from a regular reboot? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advises a simple yet effective practice: regularly rebooting your phone. This recommendation, backed by cybersecurity experts, plays a crucial role in maintaining your device’s security and integrity. The Importance of Regular Reboots Our smartphones contain a…

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We’ve Been Named to the 2024 Channel Futures MSP 501 List

By Joe Svoboda | June 26, 2024

The Miller Group is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as one of the top managed service providers (MSPs) globally by Channel Futures. Making it onto the 2024 Channel Futures MSP 501 list is a significant honor for us and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. What Makes…

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Passwords: Our Primary Defense Against Cyber Threats – A New Era of Cybersecurity

By Joe Svoboda | June 6, 2024

Passwords are our primary defense against cyber threats. Yet, many of us fall into the trap of using generic, easy-to-remember passwords, compromising our security. This blog will delve into the risks associated with generic passwords, what US and Canadian businesses and users should understand about the UK’s new ban on weak default passwords, and strategies…

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The Importance of Updating Your DMARC Policy for Enhanced Email Security

By Joe Svoboda | June 3, 2024

Email remains a primary communication tool for both personal and professional use, but it also continues to be a significant vector for cyber attacks. Recently, the FBI and NSA have emphasized a crucial step that all email users and administrators should take to bolster their email security: updating your DMARC policy. This recommendation comes in…

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Is Your Business At Risk For Cyber Fraud?

By Joe Svoboda | May 8, 2024

In an era where online transactions reign supreme, the threat of cyber fraud looms large over businesses and consumers alike. While factors like the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the shift towards digital commerce and communication, the underlying risks associated with cyber fraud have been steadily growing for years. From fake booking scams in the hospitality…

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Preparing for a Cyber-Safe Vacation

By Joe Svoboda | May 3, 2024

As May rolls around, the warmth of summer beckons, and for many of us, thoughts turn to vacation planning. Whether you’re dreaming of sandy beaches, bustling city streets, or serene mountain retreats, the anticipation of an upcoming getaway is undeniably exciting. But as you start envisioning your perfect escape, it’s essential to consider a factor…

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Why Small Businesses Need to Be Careful With AI

By Joe Svoboda | April 16, 2024

The recent proliferation of AI has revolutionized various aspects of business operations, including text generation. While AI-powered tools like ChatGPT offer remarkable convenience and efficiency, businesses must approach their usage discerningly, as they are not immune to potential pitfalls. 7 AI Risks You Need To Be Aware Of From concerns regarding data privacy to ethical…

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What AI Text Generators Can Do For Small Businesses

By Joe Svoboda | April 8, 2024

AI text generators have emerged as powerful tools that can streamline various aspects of content creation, saving time and resources while enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of communication strategies. Have you harnessed its capabilities yet? Let’s explore five key use cases where AI text generators can make a significant impact, ranging from content creation…

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Navigating the Digital Frontier: Elevating Your Business with Next-Gen Managed Information Services

By Joe Svoboda | March 14, 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face the constant challenge of keeping up with technological advancements while managing their core operations. This is where Managed Information Services (MIS) come into play, offering a strategic advantage for companies looking to leverage technology for growth and efficiency. The Miller Group, a leading provider of MIS, stands…

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