Out of all the industries, manufacturers are one of those that need the most up-to-date technology and hardware to increase efficiency as much as possible. Choose a managed service provider that can keep you updated and free of downtime.

  • Outsource your IT management
  • Educate employees on best IT security practices
  • Update software and hardware as soon as possible
  • Have a system security and data recovery plan


Avoiding downtime is crucial for the success of any construction company. Choosing the right technology, applications, and tech company can have a huge effect on the cost of downtime and meeting deadlines.

  • Define security maintenance and protocols
  • Plan for data backup recovery
  • Upgrade to high-quality systems and hardware
  • Outsource your IT consulting

Financial Services

Those in the financial industries handle sensitive information about their clients. It's important to keep their trust and not risk having their information stolen by cybercriminals.

  • Have a data backup recovery plan in case of disaster
  • Store data in multiple places
  • Encrypt sensitive data
  • Teach employees about online security protocol


Cybercriminals target non-profits because of their tight budget and vulnerability. Outsourcing to an IT company can help with more than just fixing your computer problems.

  • Find a managed service provider that can work within your budget
  • Establish IT security procedures
  • Build a business continuity plan
  • Update software and hardware automatically


Healthcare providers are responsible for keeping the patient's information confidential. It's a necessity for those in the healthcare industry to keep cybercriminals away.

  • Educate team on IT security procedures
  • Look for a company educated in HIPAA
  • Don't sacrifice quality for cheaper hardware products
  • Update and patch systems as soon as possible


Legal firms can benefit from many IT services like moving to the cloud, Anti-phishing software, and data backups. Avoiding downtime and keep your client's data is a crucial part of your business.

  • Update hardware and software
  • Have backups for client's data
  • Maintain security practices
  • Outsource an IT company that has legal experience

Small Business

Cybercriminals love to target small businesses in all kinds of industries. They can easily put you in a financial mess that ends up making you close your business. This is why it's best to outsource an IT company that focuses on keeping those criminals away.

  • Outsource an IT company that works with smaller businesses
  • Backup data in the cloud
  • Practice best IT procedures
  • Don't sacrifice quality to save money when buying hardware

Medium Business

For medium-sized businesses, in all industries, it's best to have a small team of in-house technicians that can fix quick problems and have an outsourced IT company to be proactive about your IT infrastructure.

  • Have regular updates and backups
  • Plan for disaster recovery
  • Move to the cloud
  • Invest in hardware and software

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