90% Of Successful Network Breaches Are Caused By User Error

Because Your Data is Only as Safe as Your Weakest Link

Why Is Cyber Security So Important?

Data breaches occur every day and a majority of them happen to small to medium size businesses. Employees need to be trained on how to protect sensitive company data. Training leads to fewer PC builds, reduced IT expenses and less employee downtime. The Miller Group can help train your employees in an interesting and engaging way. 

Why is it Important to Update WordPress?

Protect Your Network Like You Protect Your Home

Many people go to great lengths to keep robbers and intruders out of their homes. With today's technology, there are many ways we can gain peace of mind when we leave the house. With cybercrimes becoming more of a threat to small and medium-sized businesses, shouldn't business owners go to those same lengths to keep their businesses secure?

Layers of IT Security House for best IT Security Practices

Monitoring and Patching
A security camera keeps an eye on your property. If you check your security camera and notice that a stranger is able to enter your backyard, you might add another lock to your fence gate. The Miller Group can act as your home security camera. We will monitor your computers and servers. We will also roll out patches and updates to your devices as soon as they are available.

Data Backup & Recovery
The fire system in your home is able to detect smoke and activate the sprinkler system to prevent any further damage. A data backup and recovery plan is similar to a home fire system because it can help rescue lost data. This is a necessity for natural disasters or data breaches.

Web Defense
A secure front door can keep intruders out. Just like there are criminals in the real world, there are criminals online. It's important to keep your infrastructure safe and protected from cybercriminals. Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, DNS Filtering, and more help keep unwanted visitors out.

IT Audit
Police Officers and Community Night Watchers patrol neighborhoods looking for any possible threats to homeowners. If your front door is wide open, they might investigate or inform the homeowners. An IT audit will patrol your infrastructure and find any vulnerable spots in your security practices.

Spam & Phishing Prevention
The only way to get into a locked door is with a key. If your home key was given out to criminals, they could easily find a way into your home. Spam & phishing prevention keeps cybercriminals out of your inbox so that you don't accidentally click on a malicious link.

Security Policies & Training
Reminding your family members to lock the door is a job that every homeowner has. It's important to have constant reminders for the best IT security practices at your business too. Employee security training can help save your business from a data breach.

Electronic door locks need a code to unlock. If only your family knows the code, then your home is safe. Encryption is similar. It can put your sensitive data into an unreadable code. Only the ones who have the code key can read the data.

Many homeowners set up alarm systems for when they are out of the house and want to keep unwanted guests out too. A firewall will do that for your network as well. Firewalls can block traffic to and from your network based on location, services (specifics types of traffic) and some even can inspect the traffic looking for anomalies.

Don’t Be A Statistic. Protect Yourself From A Breach.

of breaches are caused by human error
of security breaches target small businesses
of small firms go out of business within 6 months of data breach

What Can You Do To Protect Your Business From A Data Breach?

The best way to protect yourself from a data breach is to have a team of experts that handle your IT security. The Miller Group can help plan, manage, and teach IT security at your business. We have been a trusted IT Security Service Provider for 35 years. Get in touch with us today and save yourself from a threatening data breach.

What are our clients saying?

"There are a lot of IT/IS companies out there, and selecting one is a big decision that should not be made in a vacuum. We wanted the relationship to go beyond the exchange of money for a service....we needed a company that actually understood our business, cared about the outcome, and wanted to virtually become a partner with us. We have that in The Miller Group."

- Jeff Sadtler,
West County EMS and Fire Protection District

"TMG provides answers and solves problems almost daily. We rely on them from the day-to-day IT "bugs" and irritations to network design and administration."
-Dave Forsee,
L. E. Sauer Machine Co.

"Now having a relationship with an MSP like The Miller Group and them working with us to develop a plan for the future to ensure that our systems are operating efficiently and as securely as possible will be of substantial benefit to our company for many years to come."
-Bryan Gofort
 Home Service Oil Company

"It was one of the best decisions our office made"... "Without that solution we would have had a major data loss that would have severely impacted our practice."
-Krissy Best
 West County Medical Specialists

"We didn't miss any time. Extremely important for the projects we were working on at the time."
-Daniel Sindelar DMD
Keystone Bio, Inc.

“Mike Miller truly appreciated our mission of helping struggling students find hope, acceptance and a promising future. Over the years, he became part of the LOGOS community and his kindness and generosity helped us create some amazing opportunities for our school and our students. The entire staff at The Miller Group has served as trusted partners to LOGOS since we signed that first contract back in 2006.”
-Dr. Kathy Fenger
Logos School Client Success Story

“The honest, knowledgeable, and highly responsive support staff always produces the least amount of downtime for our business.”
-RIGGS Construction Company

“Contracting with The Miller Group has been the best move for our company’s productivity. They helped not only Mike and I work more efficiently, but our entire company.”
-G Ligthing

“My favorite thing about The Miller Group’s service is the people. They’re the most helpful people I’ve ever worked with. In my business, time is of the essence… They do whatever it takes to get my stories up as soon as possible because sometimes information can’t wait.”
- Dan McLaughlin
Scoops with Danny Mac

“With TMG we get a team and a range of expertise. They are right in our sweet spot…”
- L.E. Sauer

“Our downtime has become non-existent with the Miller Group… I would recommend The Miller Group to others in retail because, simply put, they will fix your IT problems so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.”
- Caleb Harley
All Volleyball

“The staff at TMG quickly grasped the nature of our IT issues and patiently and cost-effectively walked us through every challenge and change needed. Within a very short time, we realized the value of TMG’s “all-covered” support service option and continue it to this day.”
- Mollie Wells
O’Connor Insurance 

“Before TMG our IT issues were a huge source of stress around our office. It’s crazy to think we had more bad days than good for so many years.”
- Amber Lumetta
Cissell Mueller

“The Miller Group came in organized and explained things to my level which made the process much easier than it had ever been.”
- Heitkamp Masonry

“The Miller Group goes above and beyond to provide excellent IT support”
- Jim Watkins
Harbour Group

"When I did have a system crash – TMG was able to restore ALL of my data within 12 hours and have me up and running again. This is invaluable. Every IT firm ensures that your data is backed up and can be restored, but rarely is this ever tested. TMG has most definitely contributed to my success as a small business owner."
-Mary Kraemer
MK Accounting

“We rely on The Miller Group for all of our IT needs”
- David Seiler
Seiler Plastics

“I recommend this company to anyone looking for IT support in all areas.”
- Julie Squires
Air Systems LLC

“The Miller Group’s responsiveness has separated itself from other IT firms.”
- Tom Germeroth
The Germeroth Law Firm

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