Tools From Miller Group Boost Productivity and Communication

Microsoft 365 PowerApps and Power Automate: Tools From Miller Group Boost Productivity and Communication for Your Team

Do you find yourself completing repetitive actions on a fairly regular basis? Software tools have come a long way since the early days of automation. With people working from a variety of physical locations, it is becoming increasingly challenging to locate specific team members. This is particularly important in terms of contact tracing — letting staff know that they may have been in touch with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Instead of attempting to trace employees throughout their day, making numerous calls or sending emails for status updates, The Miller Group has designed a unique tool that has been extremely valuable for our current clients. This low-code web-based and mobile app allows teams to communicate more fluently and to check locations as needed throughout the day.

Entering a New Era of Workplace Automation and Transparency

Far from calling around to see who is currently in the office or who might be working from home, the forward-looking app we created provides a convenient and quick way for staff members to log their current status: working from home, in the office, at a client’s location or on vacation. Even better — if employees forget to update their status, they will receive an email triggering them to make a selection. With an easy-to-use online app and a fresh, clean web-based interface, it’s easier than ever to manage the human resources at your company’s command.

Forget to log out at the end of the day? No problem! The app quickly sends you a note, asking if you’re still working. If you are, simply reply to the email or make an update within your mobile or desktop app. The visual indicators within the app and color-coded statuses make it easy to glance and see where to find your staff.

Efficient Resources for Time-Sensitive Information

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, this PowerApp from The Miller Group can be installed directly into your sidebar for ease of use. Having the app available in several different locations reduces the possibility that team members will forget to update their status, too.

Another PowerApp simplifies a monthly task that has been challenging teams for generations: selecting an Employee of the Month. Instead of sending numerous emails or written notes in an attempt to garner responses — then creating cumbersome spreadsheets to determine the winner — this quick PowerApp has logic built in that ensures staff members cannot vote for themselves and that they cannot vote for the same individual more than once. Click your top three choices, add any details that you would like to share and cast your vote! Responses are tallied on the backend with Power Automate, tallied in a SharePoint list and then Microsoft Automate tallies up the responses — sending emails to the winner offering congratulations, posts a note within Microsoft Teams in the channel and then closes the app for the month. Finally, the past Employee of the Year nominees and winners are archived and easy to view right within the app.

Low-Code Automation Tools from Microsoft Are Easily Customized

Need a unique twist on tracking the activity of staff members or contractors? Individuals that are a part of your Microsoft 365 account can easily be added to our custom-built tool. We can also make modifications to ensure that the mobile and web-based applications fully suit the needs of your business and operations.

Contact the team at The Miller Group at (314) 822-8090 or via email to to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. You can also learn more about the various ways we help our clients stay connected — and productive — even when staff members are not physically in the office.