In Memory Of Erik Ektermanis

The Miller Group office will be a little quieter without Erik Ektermanis and his beloved, booming laugh.

Erik was a Service Engineer, who joined The Miller Group’s team in November of 2017. In the short few years since then, he established himself as a warm, helpful presence to both our staff and our clients.

In the wake of his passing, countless friends and acquaintances have come forward to share a small story or recollection of a time they worked with Erik, or a quality for which they came to know him. While each small memory suggests a kind and helpful colleague, in concert, these memories present a resounding testament to his character.

To his coworkers, Erik was a reliable and giving member of The Miller Group’s workplace. He volunteered without a second thought, radiated a positive attitude in spite of difficult workdays, and took joy in every opportunity he had to interact with another person. In the words of one of his coworkers, he had a ”shining personality”.

One coworker recalls a time when Erik participated in the company’s pie-making contest. Ever enthusiastic and, perhaps, a little unconventional, Erik submitted two large jars of homemade apple pie whiskey as his entry. It’s this sense of humor that so many will miss having around the office.

Erik Ektermanis

Another colleague remembers Erik for his unflappable nature, even when dealing with the occasional impatient client. No matter how many times he was berated for something beyond his control, he would always interact with clients in an undeniably happy tone that no one could put a damper on. As all who worked with him could attest, his approach to customer service was to “kill them with kindness”.

No matter how frustrated a client was with their IT, Erik would be the one they’d want help from, thanks in no small part to his bubbly demeanor. His love of his work, and the way in which it connected him to others was infectious. He was known for his famous opening line on service calls with clients, putting on a false accusatory tone and demanding, “What did you do?”.

Erik was a proud owner of many cats, about whom he would easily share an anecdote. He was also an active gardener, known to grow, and of course, share his crop of peppers with anyone who wanted them.

By all accounts, Erik embodied the ideal of service — he was selfless, patient, and steadfast in his work. Clients that had the pleasure of working with Erik further sing his praises, noting his kind and committed efforts to solve problems big and small. They came to rely on Erik as an undeniably effective extension of their own company’s team, always ready to help out, and always doing so with a smile.

It can be easy to overlook the human element when you work in the world of IT. The problem often lies with technology, but the solution is almost always a product of the people working behind the scenes — people like Erik. He was an exemplary member of The Miller Group’s team, one that will not be replaced easily. He will be dearly missed by his colleagues and his clients.

Rest in peace, Erik.