L.E. Sauer


“With TMG we get a team and a range of expertise. They are right in our sweet spot…”


L.E. Sauer has been a client of The Miller Group since 1999. We started with hosting their domain and email then, when their long-time IT manager retired, we were fortunate enough to onboard them as a Gold managed service client in 2017.

David Forsee, CFO of L.E. Sauer, said, “Joe Svoboda’s title was something like ‘Junior Tech’ but he was always available and helpful.  When our IT manager retired, we did a provider search and confirmed that TMG is the best fit for us.”


We worked to onboard L.E. Sauer using our “TMG Way” process. We documented their entire technology infrastructure, piece-by-piece, then mapped out exactly what and how we could improve upon the set-up to alleviate any recurrent issues. Because the previous IT manager had set them up well, we were and have been able to discuss moving their company forward instead of only fixing problems.


In Forsee’s words, “TMG has stabilized our network and continues to standardize our IT infrastructure. Minor troubleshooting issues no longer disrupt our folks.”

As L.E. Sauer’s trusted partner for technology, we are able to not only resolve problems as they arise but also to consult with them about their business’ future. We act as their CIO to assist in budgeting for hardware upgrades, to analyze how technology can make business easier and how best to use the software.

He also said, “With TMG we get a team and a range of expertise. They are right in our sweet spot and, I think, vice-versa.”