Scoops with Danny Mac

“My favorite thing about The Miller Group’s service is the people. They’re the most helpful people I’ve ever worked with. In my business, time is of the essence… They do whatever it takes to get my stories up as soon as possible because sometimes information can’t wait.”



Dan came to The Miller Group through his long-time friend Dick Zitzman, representative of the Stan Musial family.  We have hosted the website for the Musial’s products since 2008. As a thank-you to the Musial family for the many favors that Stan provided to Dan, he wanted to post a video to their website. Enter Joe Svoboda of TMG to get that done.



Fast forward nine years… Dan had a million-dollar idea. He wanted to start his own podcast and media outlet site. Because of the great interaction that Dan had with the Miller Group back then, we were his go-to for launching Scoops with Danny Mac. In early 2018, while out-of-town with the Cardinals, Dan called Joe to talk plans for his own site. Much to Dan’s surprise, Joe answered at 9:30 pm. Within hours, the two had hashed out what would be the initial framework for one of St. Louis’ fastest growing media outlets, 


In Dan’s words, “The most amazing aspect of The Miller Group is the people. They are the most helpful people that I’ve done business with. I literally call them all times of the day and night and can sometimes not be the most patient person. I love the line from the movie Wall Street that says ‘Get me information!’ so when I have information, I have to get it out as quickly as possible. In my business, time is of the essence and they do whatever it takes to get my stories up as soon as they can.”

He also said, “I can’t recommend The Miller Group enough and have done so many times over to associates, friends and even players.”

The Miller Group built Dan a modern, user-friendly WordPress website and tied all the necessary components of a proper podcast into it. From the podcasting plugins and page analytics to MailChimp for email subscriptions and sponsor ad tracking, Scoops with Danny Mac is a state-of-the-art media outlet that is growing like wildfire. With plans for a redesign and daily content for 2019, The Miller Group is proud to be a partner for Scoops with Danny Mac.

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