Watch highlights from our previous webinars!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Miller Group wanted a way to reach our clients and give our advice on technology and best IT practices for working remotely. We started hosting live events on Microsoft Teams and occasionally co-hosting with our partners. On this page, you can watch highlights from previous webinars. If you would like to watch full webinar recordings or learn about future webinars you can click the button below.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams Webinar

How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams.
How to create Channels in Microsoft Teams.
What is Microsoft Teams and why is it so important?
Helpful Tabs for Microsoft Teams.
Integrations with Microsoft Teams. 
How to Chat in Microsoft Teams.

Technology and Working Remotely Webinar

Microsoft Teams for working remotely.
Recommended technology for working remotely.
Was The Miller Group prepared for the pandemic?
How to manage a remote workforce.
How to prevent cybercrimes while working remotely.
IT security practices that you use at work but probably not at home.