6 Benefits of Fiber

1.) Speed – Fiber runs at the speed of light and allows for instant data retrieval, allowing internet data to transfer at the fastest speed in the industry.

2.) Symmetrical Bandwidth – Fiber unlike cable internet, has equal upload & download speeds that allows for a much longer transmission distances and high signal rates.

3.) Private connection – Fiber internet is not shared by any other business and is dedicated solely to your organization.

4.) Security – Fiber is the most secure network available based on the connectivity being made out of glass and the only way to penetrate the connection is by breaking it. With a copper line, there are potential threats that can hack directly into the system.

5.) No Electromagnetic Interference – Fiber allows the control signals to be carried without error or interference even when the fiber optic cables are running close to electrical machinery (high-frequency noises especially). This makes fiber the number one choice for factory and machine companies.

6.) Cost – The cost of Fiber is decreasing as technology advances. Fiber is more expensive than copper in the short run but the benefits makes Fiber less expensive over time. It cost less to maintain, has little to no downtime, eliminates the need to re-cable for upgrading network performance.