The Miller Group Delivers 5-Star Service For Church’s Network Project

The Miller Group Delivers 5-Star Service For Church’s Network Project

This church was tired of dealing with network equipment that required ongoing license management. The Miller Group equipped them with superior networking technology to solve their primary problem and improve their performance at the same time.

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Meraki Church

The Problem

This church needed to replace its Cisco Meraki network gear. They were tired of using equipment that required them to manage and pay for ongoing licensing. This would mean replacing their:

  • Firewall
  • Switches
  • Access Points

The Meraki network equipment this church was using would eventually stop functioning if they didn’t renew and pay their licenses on a regular basis. This was an expensive, tedious, and potentially error-prone process, which is why the church decided to upgrade to a better system.

They called The Miller Group for expert help…

The Solution

In order to achieve the best possible results for this church, we didn’t just replace their equipment with solutions that would be license-free. We also endeavored to procure equipment that would deliver better performance and greater security.

The Miller Group ordered the hardware and prepared it for installation by making sure everything was accurately configured to work with the church’s existing setup of VLANs and wireless networks. We even labeled and delivered the APs for this church’s staff to install.

We arranged for a SonicWall solution to replace their Meraki firewall, which provides both network security and VPN access. For the switches and access points, we sourced Unifi equipment. Furthermore, in order to seamlessly support the church’s guest network, a local Unifi controller was installed to handle guest connections and splash pages.

The Result

As a result of the hardware we selected, procured, and configured, this church’s internet connection is currently 100 up and 100 down. However, given the way the church currently uses the network and its capacity plans, The Miller Group recommended increasing this speed to at least 300/300.

That’s why this church’s staff rated our service 5/5 stars—in other words, the project went perfectly, and achieved the ideal result for our client.

“The Miller Group is very knowledgeable and professional,” says Ed, a member of this church’s staff.