Cissel Mueller

“Before TMG our IT issues were a huge source of stress around our office. It’s crazy to think we had more bad days than good for so many years.”


Cissell Mueller contacted The Miller Group with a rash of recurrent IT issues and with a goal to beef up their data security. They were looking for a company with a broad range of services to handle as much of their technology as possible.

As Amber Lumetta, Office Manager at Cissell Mueller, said, “With our previous IT vendor we spent years going around in circles, asking the same questions and never felt like we were being heard, getting answers, or getting the proper solution put in place. Over the past 7 months, TMG’s diligence in answering those questions, finding a solution (even if it takes several attempts), and seeing the bigger picture has greatly improved the efficiency of our day-to-day operations.  We used to just sit and wait for our computers to do what we were wanting them to do and now our entire network seems to run smoothly.   Before TMG our IT issues were a huge source of stress around our office. It’s crazy to think we had more bad days than good for so many years.”


TMG worked first to extensively document all technology in the environment allowing us to take stock of all existing problems. These problems included improper configuration, equipment not being utilized at all or incorrectly and poor installation. Once the issues were identified, we attacked each area one-by-one to eliminate the systemic security risk and addressed necessary changes.

Over the last 7 months, we have also completed their Office 365 conversion and instated a business continuity plan. We have improved internet stability by installing wireless access points and we partnered with their phone service to dramatically increase reliability. TMG has also implemented our “All-Covered” plan which includes 24/7 monitoring, patch management, documentation, and ongoing best practices.


In Lumetta’s words, “TMG came in and untangled the IT mess we had at Cissell Mueller.  It took some time but they were diligent at testing different solutions until they found the root of the problem and eventually things started running more efficiently. I really appreciate the TMG Agent being put on all devices so each user can report issues as they arise and so that we can more accurately manage each device.  Also, the 24/7 monitoring service is so comforting knowing TMG has our back and, if something goes awry they are on top of it, eliminating downtime.”

Lumetta also said, “TMG is a good fit for other companies like ours.  I think they have properly trained individuals who see the big picture, don’t try to over-sell, and are willing to work on a solution until it’s correctly done (which doesn’t seem like that odd of a concept, but….)”