G Lighting

“Contracting with The Miller Group has been the best move for our company’s productivity. They helped not only Mike and I work more efficiently, but our entire company.”


G Lighting came to be a Miller Group client after too much time of “just getting by”. In 2013, they knew it was time to make a serious move to better their business.

Jenny Cole, G Lighting’s Purchasing Manager said, “In 2013, Mike Gross and I knew we needed to make a change to our approach to IT for G Lighting. Up until then, our solution was to be reactive instead of proactive. Mike Gross is a fourth-generation G Lighting owner and I am an administrator. Neither of us are IT professionals. We knew just enough to muddle through. We only brought in help when we could not fix an issue ourselves, so basically when we reached desperation level. This was stressful for both of us as well as our employees that experienced interruptions.”

“Looking back, I realized it boiled down to not wanting to invest in an IT company due to a lack of trust. We knew we were on thin ice with our aging systems and needed to find a solution soon… After reviewing several other companies; and having the opportunity of meeting Joe myself, we knew The Miller Group was the best fit for us. Joe understood what our company needed. He understood our apprehensions and coaxed us through the process patiently and as budget-friendly as possible,” Cole said.


After performing our initial due diligence in regards to what G Lighting needed and how quickly, the first order of business was to replace over-due hardware and PCs. Many of their issues stemmed from aging equipment. Once that process was complete, The Miller Group migrated them to Office 365 and implemented a new server plus backup solution. These things dramatically improved G Lighting’s efficiency and reduced support tickets.

Earlier this year, G Lighting switched to using a Datto backup and disaster recovery device which allows them to practically eliminate downtime due to cybercrime or human error. A number of their competitors have been hit with ransomware in recent months, so upgrading to a Datto system was a smart business decision. Though G Lighting has had hacking attempts, they’ve been able to rely on their security solutions without issue.


In Cole’s words, “Contracting with The Miller Group has been the best move for our company’s productivity. They helped not only Mike and I work more efficiently, but our entire company.  TMG is always working in the background to keep our software and antivirus programs updated.  They keep our systems backed up for minimal interruption should the unthinkable happen.  Yes!  It happens!  We have been victims of hacking and TMG has saved the day. I can’t even imagine what we would have done if we didn’t have TMG in our corner.  We have peace of mind knowing The Miller Group is only a mouse click or phone call away.

We asked G Lighting if they thought The Miller Group was a good fit for other business like theirs. They said, “Definitely!  Instead of hiring one person to handle our IT, we have an entire team of IT professionals working for us.  TMG keeps G Lighting running as productively as possible, even when we let our systems age longer than recommended.  They give their recommendations for system upgrades, looking for the best options that suit our company, and keeping our budget in mind. They are patient when the budget doesn’t allow or slows down the timeline.  The Miller Group still gives us their best service no matter what.”

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