M365 Business Premium Is The Most Comprehensive Plan For SMBs

Proof! M365 Business Premium Is The Most Comprehensive Plan For SMBs

Key Points From the Article:

  • There is nothing better than overcoming business struggles when a solid plan gets introduced that can positively change the course of a business.
  • Discovering your current software lacks vital security measures and device protection for your operation but is available when you turn it on.
  • Learning your business can now operate anywhere, from any device with a secure connection, is a game changer for business growth and team productivity.
  • Opening new doors for future growth begins when the old business model retires, and a unique solution keeps you from standing still.

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There are many reasons small to medium-sized businesses struggle with understanding their current Microsoft 365 licensing setup. For instance, they’ve grown rapidly, don’t know where to begin, or their existing Microsoft 365 plan doesn’t offer the services they want or need.

For those reasons, we get asked many questions about why Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the most comprehensive plan for small to medium-sized businesses. Maybe you’ve begun thinking and talking to your team about making the change and need some comparisons to help you decide.

Is Business Standard The Same As Business Premium?

According to Microsoft, the Business Premium plan has the same apps as the Business Standard with two exceptions. Once turned on, those premium add-ons are PC and Mobile Device Management and Advanced Threat Protection. Below we’ve set up tables to show you what you’ll get when upgrading to Business Premium.

PC and Mobile Device Management and Protection


Business Standard Microsoft 365 Add-Ons Business Premium
No You can automatically deploy the Office apps to Windows PCs Yes
No Configure your PCs to install Office and Windows updates automatically Yes
No Simplified controls are used to manage policies applied to Windows PCs Yes
No With mobile device management from Intune, apply security policies to protect business data on all devices, including iOS, Android®, and Windows PCs Yes
No With an easy-to-use setup wizard, you can configure robust security settings and features for Windows PCs and mobile devices running iOS or Android® Yes


Advanced Threat Protection


Business Standard Microsoft 365 Add-Ons Business Premium
No With a selective wipe from Intune, you can remotely wipe company data from lost or stolen devices Yes
No With the app protection for Office mobile apps, you can restrict the copying or saving of company information to unauthorized locations and apps Yes
No With Information Rights Management, you can apply restrictions and control who has access to company information that cannot be forwarded or copied Yes
No To help keep your Windows devices safe from spyware, viruses, and malicious software, you can enforce malware protection with Microsoft Defender Antivirus Yes
No Apply policies that provide pre-breach threat resistance in Windows 10 with attack surface reduction and exploit protection capabilities Yes
No With Exchange Online Archiving, you’ll never lose an email when you enable unlimited cloud archive and long-term preservation policies Yes
No With Microsoft Defender for Office 365, it helps you protect against sophisticated threats commonly hidden in links and email attachments and get cutting-edge defenses against zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware/phishing attempts Yes

What Are Some Of M365 Business Premium Benefits?

As a small to medium-sized business owner or decision-maker, you always want to know more about the benefits before committing. The Microsoft 365 Business Premium has upgraded benefits not found in the Business Standard plan.

For instance, customers can access and share files anywhere from any device with a secure network connection. The days of leaving sensitive data on an offline device are a thing of the past.

Speaking of accessing or sharing files, OneDrive and SharePoint have enhanced security for cloud storage, making them more secure. That benefit alone eliminates the hassle of dealing with a cloud security breach by yourself and gives you superior data protection for risk management.

The other benefit you’ll discover is the cost savings with cloud-based subscription services. By upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you will receive the most comprehensive collaboration and security features designed to work together at the lowest cost.

Fortunately, multi-factor authentication, included in your Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan, has been shown to stop identity-based attacks. So with enhanced access protection, easy mobile device security, and centralized communication tools, your company can operate anywhere in the world.

Why Should I Upgrade To M365 Business Premium Plan?

Do you want to ensure your team’s productivity goes uninterrupted and your business keeps growing non-stop? Many reasons a small to medium-sized business should consider upgrading to the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan. Fortunately, this unique business solution from Microsoft opens the door to future opportunities.