The Miller Group Replaces 100+ Computers For This Medical Organization

The Miller Group Replaces 100+ Computers For This Medical Organization

This medical organization needed to replace hundreds of computers in order to harness important healthcare software. The Miller Group helped them seamlessly replace their incompatible hardware with the new computers they needed.

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The Problem

This medical organization needed to build an extensive IT environment that would be fully optimized for use with Epic software. This is a specific line of business app that this client is dependent on, and so, their 100+ computers would need to be properly configured to support this type of software.

This was a considerably large project. As part of the preparations for Epic, this client needed:

  • 32 desktops
  • 99 laptops
  • 52 sets of monitors, speakers, and webcams

In order to ensure the project went smoothly and was completed on time and according to budget, this medical organization relied on The Miller Group.

The Solution

In order to ensure consistency across this project and the extensive hardware involved in it, The Miller Group started by carefully planning the process. By following our carefully developed and documented plan, we ensured a smooth migration for this client’s  users, departments, and operations:

Scheduling Prep

  • Match computers
    • Identify all users/departments for computers.
  • Gather printer assignments
    • Identify all printers in use on all marked computers
  • Split computer list
    • Split the computers up into somewhat evenly divided chunks of departments for scheduling
  • Implement OneDrive
    • Utilize OneDrive to sync any known folders

Bench Prep

  • Build site-to-site VPN
    • Configure site-to-site VPN
  • Bench Prep Tasks
    • MS updates
    • Join component to script domain join
    • Citrix and Microsoft 365 Office installations
    • Add printers and asset tag
    • Prep for delivery

Onsite Computer Swap

  • Swap computers onsite
    • Switch out computers
    • Add peripherals (monitor, speakers, webcam)
    • Have users log in to their, Microsoft Outlook, and Citrix

Our migration process involved preparing all computers at our offices with standard firmware and Microsoft updates, after which we joined them to this client’s domain over a short-term VPN, with Citrix and Microsoft Office deployed to be ready for user login.

Using Microsoft OneDrive for user file transfer allowed for files in standard folders to sync from the users’ current computers to OneDrive and from OneDrive to the new computers. We documented all printer installations in the latest Epic readiness inventory request for HCN and used that to prepare the new computers for the assigned users.

The Miller Group simplified computer deployment by directly replacing the specific computers marked instead of performing a top-down reassignment of all computers. This meant that the project only involved replacing the oldest computers with new computers (not including spares).

A key factor in the success of the deployment was that each user was available to log into the computer, Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and the Citrix client. During that stage, we ironed out any login issues with a dedicated The Miller Group employee onsite that was ready to help users as needed.

The Result

Despite the many moving parts involved in this project, our careful planning and methodical execution ensured it went as planned. We helped this client deploy 131 new computers, along with peripherals, and seamlessly migrate their old data to the new systems.

That’s why this client rated the experience 5/5 stars—there were no issues, no errors, and no complaints.

“Everything went well,” says Kevin, a member of the medical organization’s staff. “Thanks!”