Support Plans & IT Solutions

Base Plans

IT Monitoring & Management Tools
Solution Areas Details Plan Options
T&M Essentials Complete - 2023
Centrally Managed Antivirus Single pain of glass to view device antivirus status
DNS / Web Filtering Prevents users from opening infected websites
Security Updates & Patch Management Force latest security patches and updates for Windows and Mac OS
Computer & Server Monitoring Device Online Monitoring
Disk Space Monitoring & Remediation
Laptop Battery Life Monitoring
UPS Monitoring & Remediation
Memory Usage Monitoring & Remediation
Hard Drive Monitoring & Remediation
Ransomware Detection
Onboarding & IT Documentation Maintenance Identify and document users, applications, infrastructure, vendors and login credentials
Secure Remote Device Access Allows our support staff to solve issues remotely
Network Monitoring & Management * Continuous, real-time knowledge of your entire network infrastructure
Customized Client Portal End User Training Courses
New User & Computer Set Up Forms
Support Ticket Management
Internal Company Document Storage
Real-Time Technology Insights & Reporting
Customized Dashboards
Asset Lifecycle
IT Planner & Budgeting Tools
Microsoft 365 Secure Score Summary of your security posture based on system configurations, user behavior, and other security-related measurements

* If purchased through The Miller Group

Provides Advanced and Customized Options

IT Support, Account Management & IT Consulting
Solution Areas Details Plan Options
T&M Essentials Complete - 2023
IT Support & Help Desk Remote Support / Help Desk / Hour HOURLY or UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Onsite Support / Hour (1 hour min) HOURLY or UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Add / Change / Remove Requests / Hour HOURLY or UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Onsite Hardware Installation / Hour HOURLY or UNLIMITED FLAT FEE
Vendor Management HOURLY or UNLIMITED
Priority Response Time 4-8 BUSINESS HOURS AVG < 15 MIN AVG < 15 MIN
IT Management Team Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Technical Account Manager
IT Audits & Best Practice Assessments ANNUALLY QUARTERLY
IT Efficiency & Automation Consulting ANNUALLY AS NEEDED
Strategic Security Consulting ANNUALLY AS NEEDED
IT Policies & Procedures

Not included and requires separate statement of work or upgrade in plan

Indicates full hourly rate

IT Security & Compliance Management Solutions
Solution Areas Details Plan Options
T&M Essentials Complete - 2023
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ** Provides an additional layer of security by verifying your identity using more than one method (ex: username/password + code on cell phone)
Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) ** Monitors your entire business for suspicious behavior to detect cyberattacks, isolate infected computers, and alert admins
Endpoint Encryption ** Protects confidential data on the hard drive from theft or unauthorized access
Mobile Device Management (MDM) ** Provides the ability to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device connected to an organization's network
Information Protection / Data Loss Prevention ** Provides detection and prevention of data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data
Identity & Access Management ** Ensures that authorized - and only authorized people - have access to the technology resources they need to perform their job functions
Email Security ** Automatically scans email for spam, unlawful interception, phishing, malicious attachments, and encryption of outbound emails
Vulnerability Management Ongoing process of identifying, assessing, reporting on, managing and remediating cyber vulnerabilities
Third Party Penetration Testing Authorized simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security posture
Compliance Assistance Collaborate with your team to ensure employees and activities across the organization are in line with laws, regulations, and requirements (PCI, HIPAA, Cyber Insurance, NIST, CMMC, FINRA, etc)

** Included with Microsoft 365 Business Premium Licenses after initial implementation

Additional IT Services

Project Management & Implementation
Project Work is defined as any service designated to add or improve functionality or capacity; in other words, any work that is not designated to support existing systems or users. Each project is customized based on scope, desired outcome, and technical demand. We build around your schedule and ensure the project is done on time, within budget, and without any surprises.
Multi-Factor Authentication / Password Policy
Microsoft 365 Migrations
Cloud Migrations
Office Moves / Set Up
Network Equipment Install / Replacement
Server Replacement
Security Services Implementation
Application / Website Development
Data Automation / Microsoft Power Platform
Backup & Disaster Recovery
All solutions are customized based on your data recovery objectives
Image-Based Backup & Business Continuity
File-Based Cloud Backup
Office 365 Backup
Full Disaster Recovery Testing & Planning
Additional A La Carte Services & Solutions
All solutions are customized based on your needs
Cloud Solutions
Microsoft 365 Licensing
Website Hosting & Management
VoIP Phone Solutions (Cytracom or Microsoft)
Domain & DNS Registration
Electronic Recycling & Data Destruction