WordPress is Like a Toilet

Wait, Joe, I thought The Miller Group loves WordPress? Humor me for a second.

A few days ago, I was informed that all of the toilets in the women’s restroom here in the office were malfunctioning. I took this seriously since we do have a handful of female staff. Asking them to use the men’s room or hike up to the closest gas station wouldn’t be wise of me. (I wouldn’t ask this of any of our staff members, promise.) So I thought, “I can fix computers, so I can fix a toilet, right?”

Turns out, I could. In one case it was as simple as reconnecting the flapper. In the other stall, it was installing a new valve kit. Ta-da! Everyone can safely use the restroom again. No need to wait a day or two on the plumber, nor have to pay for a service call and labor.

Here comes my analogy with WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It is really easy to maintain and update the content once it is built. Back to the toilet… I was able to fix the toilet, however, if there was the need to put a brand new one in from scratch, I’d call the professional. I’m not qualified to run plumbing to the location, ensure that it drains correctly, run the water pipes through the wall, etc. WordPress is similar. It’s easy to use once installed but getting it setup from the beginning is more of an undertaking. Setting up the look and feel, configuring your SEO, submitting your site to the major search engines, securing it properly and more should be left to the experts.

If you are in need of such expertise, that is where we can help. See more about our websites built on WordPress here.